Career in DJing nowadays

‘It’s all about the music, the energy, the passion, and the people.’ – DJ Aryan

The simple principle of music is to never stop learning. To become a successful DJ, always keep learning and improving yourself. Also, have the guts to explore newer opportunities that fall outside your comfort zone because they might give you the best of the best learning. In India, one just needs strong will power to become a DJ.

For all the fresh and upcoming talent, my suggestion would be to never underestimate yourself. Learn and groom yourself in a way that your talent speaks for you. I suggest keeping exploring and understand what you can do differently. The industry is always looking for fresh, innovative ideas… be that! Give something new to the industry every time.

When I am asked if contacts are more important or talented to becoming a successful DJ, I’d say both. Contacts will help you get into the industry and talent will help you stick and be loved by your audience. However, network as much as you can! Invest time in building and maintaining relationships with people in the fraternity. Be open to conversing with people. Be open to being politely opinionated. Be open to understanding people’s opinions. Be open to collaborating with artists with a drastically different approach and style than you. Be open to unlearning and learning something new each day. This aspect will significantly shape you as a DJ and an artist.

In my opinion, absorbing feedback is also extremely helpful to develop and refine a DJ. Seek out constructive feedback from relevant people. Look out for ways to rectify and improve yourself. To understand your audience, you will always have to learn how to read them well… and it surely builds up by listening and understanding your audience. I tend to read my crowd well. I wasn’t good at understanding my audience earlier in my career… however, it sort of builds with experience, time, and patience.

I’ve learned it’s very important for a DJ to have fun while performing. Hence, in my opinion, showcase your enthusiasm! Keep jumping, dancing around, and enjoying your music; that sets a very positive & happy vibe for the crowd.

In my opinion, there is never an end to growth and opportunities. One always gets newer opportunities, especially in this industry. For all young and fresh talents, after DJing, you could explore and learn to produce your own music to explore new sounds and new opportunities. This will surely open newer doors for you and help you broaden your horizons.

For fresh talents, leveraging social media and networking digitally is essential. I started my journey by assisting someone and you can too! You will learn the nitty-gritty of being a DJ and will also understand how to read your audience, create a vibe, explore new genres and recognize your style and sound. You can try DMing fellow seniors, they are usually looking for new and fresh minds to hire.

For me, thankfully, it’s been a roller coaster ride. My rocky journey helped me learn and grow and become the professional I am today. Therefore, to all the new artists, never be scared of the bumpy ride… because the destination is where you surely want to be.


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