Locksley HalI Publishing to publish ‘The Guitar Journal Volume 01’ by Sidharth Kadadi

Locksley HalI Publishing, one of India’s fastest growing , traditional publishing houses is all set to launch the new book ‘The Guitar Journal Volume 01’ of renowned and multi award winning guitarist Sidharth Kadadi. The book is a definitive guide to learning the guitar in 3 ways: Easy, In-depth and Fun. A music learning book that you would not want to put down. He has put in his 15+ years of teaching experience in this book and is an ultimate guide for teachers who are looking to follow a specific module for their candidates at a Foundational level. The book launch is scheduled for digital stores on 27th March 2022(Amazon Pre-Order link – https://www.amazon.in/dp/8195405541/ref=cm_sw_r_wa_apan_glt_i_VHV0KKJNBH1CAQCMEHTH)
This book features learning methods that makes the readers visualize each and every chapter which will help them to learn better. Chapters supported by skeleton diagrams, images and step by step guidance for placing fingers on the right fret is nothing less than a teacher guiding a student face to face. The book also supports learners who want to pick up the instrument and learn by themselves and is a well guided approach on what needs to be done first and how all your guitar lessons need to be combined and imbibed in your playing style. To make it easier, the book also has music chord images, tabs and fretting positions explained step by step in detail. Also ,a mascot in the book shares personal tips and ideas via small dialogue bubbles that makes the reading/learning experience a lot personal. And to top that, video lessons are available for FREE for the readers.

Commenting on the launch, Avantika Sinha from Locksley HalI Publishing said, “We are happy to have published Sidharth Kadadi’s new book, The Guitar Journal – Volume One. This book encapsulates all the knowledge that Sidharth has gathered over the years from his teachers and from his own experience of playing and teaching the guitar. The lack of awareness of a structured method for those hungry to learn the guitar inspired him to create this wonderful handbook. This book is an answer to many unattended questions and also provides vision for passionate, aspiring guitarists and guitar trainers.”
Sidharth Kadadi is a prolific and a multi award winning guitarist and the founding member of ‘Zygnema’, India’s premier Heavy Metal Band. With over 15 years of experience in live music, representing India at various International and National festivals, teaching and conducting workshops, Sidharth has carved a niche for himself in the rock and metal music community as a seasoned musician and a music educator.
Sidharth is a true artist & musician at heart and is also a passionate entrepreneur. As the Founder/Proprietor of ‘Guitar Garage Inc’, he is also an Academic consultant for Trinity College London – India. In the past, he has also self published 3 music learning books. He founded “Guitar Garage Inc.’ with the aim to bring out the best in every student willing to embrace the instrument and convert their passion into a serious commitment. His teaching ethos consists of pure focus on the learner’s personal growth and attachment to the instrument alongside imparting his vast musical knowledge.

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