Building a private community has never been easier! Discover Scenes, your go-to zero-resistance community platform tailored for Brands and Creators.

Unleash the power of a whitelabeled community and watch your customers, audience, and believers come together in a space crafted just for your brand.

Why Scenes?

1. Engage Your Community Effortlessly:

  • White-labelled Community for Your Brand/Company.
  • Create Sub-communities for General Audiences, Followers & Paid Customers.
  • An alternative to,, Buddyboss.
  • Ideal for Coaches, Influencers, Brands, and Creators.

2. Ditch the Noise, Embrace Productivity:

  • Save time and enhance customer engagement.
  • Say goodbye to scattered communication on platforms like WhatsApp and Discord.
  • Built-in chat functionality for seamless communication within your Scenes Community.

Key Features:

1. Multi-faceted Engagement:

  • Kickstart discussions in forums & audio rooms (coming soon).
  • Host live events with an integrated events calendar.
  • Notify members instantly when you go live.

2. Resourceful Content Hub:

  • Resources section for uploading PDFs, Videos, and valuable content.
  • Members can access content instantly or bookmark for later.

3. Efficient Community Management:

  • Invite team members as moderators for better customer service.
  • Assign roles & permissions for community cleanliness.

4. Monetize Your Efforts:

  • Sell digital goods & info products with the built-in store.
  • Start generating revenue from your private Scenes community.

5. Gamification for Viral Growth:

  • Built-in gamification with Virtual Coins for member actions.
  • Reward members with community currency to stimulate commerce.
  • Leaderboard for healthy competition and community growth.

Your Community, Your Rules:

1. Control Without Compromise:

  • No reliance on external platforms like Facebook groups.
  • No need to invest heavily in platforms like Slack.

2. Affordable & Whitelabelled:

  • Build your community on Scenes for just $59/lifetime.
  • 100% Whitelabel the web & mobile apps to match your brand.
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Create an active, loyal community with Scenes. Empower your customers to become brand loyalists, and transform loyalists into brand advocates. Don’t just build a community; build your brand legacy on Scenes today. Join now and let everyone grow together!

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